Homage Series – Cute Inti Bali products perfect for a cheeky gift –


Want Same Candy? …Nope, its a Yogurt Soap!
Share some sweetness with these 10 Mini versions (6g) of the Inti Bali all natural soap, Fruits yogurt. Reform your damaged-from-sun skin cells with this soap! A combination of the fat burning essential oil, grape fruits and the soothing orange essential oil mixed with our home made yogurt has an refreshing ‘rebirth’ effect. Feel the effects of a facial at home with our youthening soap!

Dice Soap

Get playful with a box of 4 caramel-sized (6g) soaps!, MEN’S MINT. A tropical soap made from the highly selected coconut oil in Bali. Contains aroma therapeutic scents. This refreshing summer soap is an effective soap for rashes and for promoting metabolism in the skin. Definitely a “must have”€ item for the summer lovers! Enjoy Inti Bali€™s summer sensation.


Delicious for the skin! Enjoy the 6 different sweet scents (vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar, honey, oatmeal, coffee) along with the moisturizing pure cacao butter. Caution: You may foams at the mouth like a crab if you eat these Chocolate Bar.

$1,000,000 Lips ~Worth Betting For~

Inti Bali lip balm as casino chips – definitely worth betting for. The soft and delicate Inti Bali original lip cream has the mineral and vitamin rich American sweet almond oil as it’s main component. The additional blend of cacao butter and pearl powder has a moisturizing and shining effect. (non-scented)


The skin on our lips is made differently from the skin on the rest of our bodies. The cuticles are thinner, and it lacks in the sebum membrane, which acts as a protective film. In addition, it lacks in the function to keep the moisture.

Sugar Bath Salt

Sweet Sweet Sugar! Pink Clay Bath Salt.
Inti Bali natural sun dried salt combined with pink clay, disguised in the sugar wrap. Enjoy a sweet and relaxing bath with our Sugar Bath Salt.


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