Got dry skin? Let us help!

When your skin is dry, it means the moisture barrier isn’t present; therefore the skin becomes sensitive to the outside environment. That’s when the tightness of your undergarments starts to itch and the subtle roughness of your hair and clothes start to irritate you, which may lead to stress. When the itchiness is really bad, it may cause lack of sleep,inflammation due to scratching, and may cause stress. However, it is possible to prevent those to an extent at your own households.


Do your skin ever feel itchy after taking a shower? One of the reasons for this is the chlorine present in the water. As the environment is being destructed due to the development in civilization, chlorine is used to cleanse the polluted water. This chlorine absorbs water from the skin, making the skin dry thus sensitive, and itchy. It also causes small wrinkles. Have you experienced your hair and skin being dry and rough after swimming in a pool even if you don’t have sensitive skin? Water in Bali is said to have a relatively large amount of chlorine. However, as the skin becomes more permeable in the bath, bath additives with a moisturizing effect is an effective measure for dry skin. This is where the Inti Bali aroma bath oil comes in handy.


Full body moisturizing effect just by dropping a few drops into your warm bath! If you’re not a bath person, triple nuts oil and double moisture cream works as well. Apply the oil/cream right after your shower when your body is still wet. The oil/cream will spread throughout your body with just a little amount, and wont feel so oily. The effects show right away! Try it now if you feel itchy after baths/showers, or if you just want to be extra careful.


Start the Inti Bali dry skin measures!



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