Enrich your skin with our Pearl & Silk Double moisture cream
A purifying and moisturizing natural cream filled with jewels.


The luxurious Pearl & Silk Double moisture cream promotes metabolism in the skin and prevents the aging of skin cells. With it’s collagen-regenerating affect, the Pearl & Silk Double moisture cream prevents various skin problems such as wrinkles, smears, and sagging of skin. In addition, this cream has protecting, clarifying and moisturizing effects on the skin. This fragrance-free cream is usable anytime. Use this all-rounded cream for day and night, and you’re ready to go! Bring out the true beauty in your skin with our voluptuous 100% natural cream.


Feel, conserve, and spread the power of nature.
Keep shining brighter with Inti Bali.


A letter from our customer!


Thank you very much for the other day. I enjoyed the spa a lot. I love each and every one of the products I have purchased from your store, and have been using them every day. I was especially surprised by the double moisture cream..I have been getting convulsions on the bottom of my right eye for a few years already due to the constant staring at computer screens for work. Looking afar and messaging didn’t work and I was starting to give up..and then I met Inti Bali.


The first time I used the Inti Bali products, my convulsions disappeared in two days. Not knowing why, I thought that it was the effect of the relaxing vibe that Bali itself gave out. However, when I came back to Japan and switched to the skin products I used to use, the convulsions came back. Surprised, I tried changing the lotion only to the Inti Bali lotion. Nothing changed. When I also applied the double moisture cream, the convulsions went away again! No matter how long I use the computer for, (fifth day today) there isn’t even a twitch! I truly believe that double moisture cream is full of power to cure the blood flow and muscles beyond our skin. I cannot thank you enough for creating such an amazing product! Next time, I will try putting some on when I have a stiff neck. It turned out lengthy, but I just wanted to write to you about this amazing feeling I have. I will keep purchasing your products through the internet shop.


p.s. I was also very satisfied with the price and taste of the beach restaurant your wife has recommended me. Thank you very much for everything. Take care, and please keep producing these great products.



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