We Belong To Nature

Water, which takes up 70% of Earth is constantly polluted. It is proven that more of these pollution are caused from waste products that flow from households (kitchen, shower, laundry) rather than factories. Essentially, natural soaps are broken down into water and carbon dioxide and the remaining soap scums are recycled as nutrients for microorganisms. However, the synthetic surfactant in synthetic detergents has the ability to enter the body through the skin. Even when the concentration is faded, it combines with other toxic materials without losing its effect – causing combined pollution. The toxicity of these combined pollution increase as it goes higher up in the food chain and causes various problems such as organ failure, decline of fertility,decreased immunity, and abnormal behavior.


The scientists in this world of positivism would not state the dangers and the toxicity of synthetic surfactant only from circumstantial evidences. However, it is seen that global warming has been speeding up in the past 40 years when the use of body soaps, shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent – which all have synthetic surfactant as the main component – increased. In addition, is it coincidence that many people have been suffering from problems that didn’t exist before such as eczema, atopic dermatitis and hair loss in young years?


In ancient times when soaps did not exist, it is said that humans still had the instinct to clean themselves using alkaline things in the nature such as clay, rice bran, seaweed ash, charcoal, flour. When people started using soaps, the mortality rate due to infectious diseases decreased rapidly.


Inti Bali will revive the true natural soaps that existed in the ancient times, with the motto ; “environmental conservation = health = beauty”


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