Shop Information

Inti Bali Sanur

Address: GrahaDewataAsih No.5 Jl. By Pass NgurahRai No.9X BlanjongSanur Bali
Telephone: 0361-913-3500
Opening hours: 9am ~ 7pm (closed only on Nyepi)
Payments: Rupiah, USD, Yen, credit cards (3% bank charges)



“20minutes from Nusa Dua to Sanur”

We have received an email from a tour agent asking where the closest Inti Bali store from Nusa Dua was. As the new highway is built, we feel that the main shop in Sanur would be the closest. From the highway to the end of Sanur takes around 10minutes, and assuming that red lights would take about 10 minutes, it would be around 20 minutes from Nusa Dua to Sanur! Sanur is now easily accessible from Nusa Dua Please come and enjoy the things we have in Sanur!
p.s. Taxis would cost around 120k – 150k + 10k for highway


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