$1,000,000 Lips ~Worth Betting For~
Inti Bali lip balm as casino chips – definitely worth betting for.

The soft and delicate Inti Bali original lip cream has the mineral and vitamin rich American sweet almond oil as it’s main component. The additional blend of cacao butter and pearl powder has a moisturizing and shining effect. (non-scented)


The skin on our lips is made differently from the skin on the rest of our bodies. The cuticles are thinner, and it lacks in the sebum membrane, which acts as a protective film. In addition, it lacks in the function to keep the moisture.


Approximately one in three people have suffered from chapped lips in the past painful, bleeding lips. As lips are the most sensitive skin in the human body, it tends to show even a little lack of nutrients. The solution to this, in our opinion, is to avoid eating junk food and eating out if stomatitis or pimples are seen, and increase the intake of nutrients by making sure to keep your body warm. At last, use the Inti Bali lip cream to protect your lips from the outside! Choose the colors according to your mood J (the component is the same for every color)
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