Saran Wrap for skin “synthetic polymer”

I hear people who do not want to see the own true face has increased. Makeup recently seems not fall easily. Substance called “synthetic polymer” is because they are incorporated in cosmetics reasons.


Has been used to (polish) coating of automobiles with synthetic polymers. Feels so smooth characteristics that can absorb a lot of moisture, and also there, I have also used such as a diaper, but when your makeup cosmetics of this synthetic polymer blend, feel your skin revitalization at the moment you have painted is, The wrinkles disappear. And your makeup is no fall even go to the pool and beach. So, you may think “great!! it’s perfect cosmetics for me”. Moreover, the toxicity of the synthetic polymers, cosmetics are commercially available in the name of no addition nothing is elucidated, even though blended synthetic polymers not a mineral oil without any synthetic surfactant are many but, For example, the reason why your skin or moistened at the moment that it was painted, wrinkles disappear, is the same state is screwed to the skin, a diaper that includes plenty of water, that they were covering the face with Saran wrap.


And, I just feel the skin plump temporarily, as wrinkles disappear. But, I must confess that I myself did not moistened in fact, indigenous bacteria that protect the skin to reverse is eliminated, the skin becomes sensitive, but you have to dry skin, and it Fukurama hustled temporarily skin that is because you deflated, the skin may be damaged, but also to the cause of wrinkles in reverse. Then, the makeup again in cosmetics of synthetic polymer blend in order to erase the wrinkles. It becomes the skin that rely on synthetic polymer if you noticed. In addition, powerful cleansing you to drop the makeup, formulated synthetic sea surface active agent (toxin) is required.


Your skin pain burden is applied to the skin structure in such repetition, in the end, I do not want to see it myself let alone not be shown to the people the true face gap of real face is too big and when you have your makeup. Synthetic polymer addiction is dangerous.


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