Pure Essential Oil Line Up


The essential oils extracted from plants leaves, roots, stems, fruits, and resin are used all around the world for medical and beauty purposes from ancient times, and are proven to have aroma therapeutic effects. For relaxation and refreshment, and an essence of living effective for housekeeping and skincare due to its natural sterilizing, deodorant, antiseptic, and insect repelling effects.

Commitment to smell


Us human beings who live in the civilized society tend to enjoy luxurious and comfortable lives. However, on the other hand, nature is destroyed and we are being exposed to chemicals, exhaust gas and ultraviolet lights, slowly but surely impairing our health. In such kind of a modern society, the effects of aroma therapy is being reviewed and is being scientifically proved. The pure essential oils extracted from the fragrant parts of plants are said to balance our hormones and strengthen the natural immune system that our bodies posses. These pure fragrances stimulates the brain to relieve troublesome emotional stress. There may be infinite possibilities hidden that are yet to be proven. For instance, many people feel refreshed by smelling the scent of flowers, lime and oranges. People avoid places, no matter how beautiful, if it smelled bad.

Balance your emotions and relax your body and soul by overflowing your surroundings with the fragrance you love.

Inti Bali Original Aroma Brend
Inti Bali Original Blend


A blend of the three scents loved by the Balinese people – patchouli, cananga, and vetiver. Enjoy the deep and exotic fragrance of the island of the Gods.

Effective for : Controlling muscle pain, arthritis, rheumatism, body odor prevention, the secretion of your skin


A blend of white tea tree, lavender, rose wood and vetiver. Supports the inner strength of human beings and increases the immune system. Protect your loved ones from diseases with our Remedy.

Effective for : Anti-aging skin edema disinfection of urinary tract infections of viral colds, flu, etc., such as urethritis and cystitis, antipyretic action, immunodeficiency, hemorrhoids


A blend of rose wood, geranium, lavender, white tea tree, and vetiver.Increases the sense of happiness as the name suggests. A perfect gift to bless your souls.

Effective for : Activation, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, mental fatigue migraine headache, deodorant, regenerating skin cells


A blend of geranium, lemon grass, peppermint, patchouli, and citronella. Energizes your body and soul.

Effective for : Insect repellent, menopause, arthritis, rheumatism, body odor prevention, control secretion of your skin


A blend of four essential oils; Lavender, eucalyptus, geranium, and grapefruits.A calming and refreshing scent for a relaxing day.

Effective for: Health recovery function, relaxing, sleep, stomach pain, menstrual pain


Formulated with lavender and peppermint based on lemon essential oil. A relaxing scent effective for skin problems such as pimples, acne and age spots due to its high astringent and bactericidal effect.


“The emergency oil”, eucalyptus – with its high antiseptic and disinfectant nature, blended with orange, lemongrass, and peppermint oils. The absolutely refreshing and uplifting fragrance has a superb deodorizing effect. Excellent for housekeeping, including deodorizing the kitchen.


A combination of three kinds of essential oils: CANANGA – a symbolic flower of Bali, PATCHOULI – a beauty oil, and the refreshing PINK GRAPEFRUIT. The Deeply relaxing scent with a Balinese touch is excellent for a bedroom fragrance.


A combination of four kinds of oils: ROSEMARY, TEA TREE, PEPPERMINT and PINK GRAPEFRUIT. This summer-craving cool and clean scent would surely refresh your mind!


These two oils are gentle enough to be applied directly to the skin. Has an absolutely clean floral scent.


Another summer scent! It is a combination of the universally popular ORANGE and PEPPERMINT oils, and has a refreshing citrus scent. Effective against carsickness, loss of appetite and nasal congestion. Makes an excellent kitchen item with superb antiseptic and deodorant effects.


A combination of the hormone-balancing rose geranium and the cell-activating rosemary.A very effective oil for skin care, perfect for every skin type. Also an effective tranquilizer.




Inti Bali Aroma Single

The efficiency of aroma oils are enhanced by blending two or more types.

In order of the effect to stimulate the sense of smell: top notes → middle notes → base notes
In order of durability: base notes → middle notes → top note


(Citrus / top note)
Essential oil that helps you to have a good night’s sleep.It’s universally popular scent calms the mind. Makes an excellent aroma bath before going to sleep and also an ideal bedroom spray. Blended with lavender oil to make it even more effective.


(Citrus / top note)
A characteristic fragrance, being floral and elegant, giving us peace.
Effective in healing insomnia, nervousness, stress, depression, anxiety, acne, eczema, loss of appetite, indigestion, cystitis, leucorrhea, Shirohan.


(Citrus / top note)
An excellent insect repellant, believed to be especially effective against mosquitoes. Also ideal for a footbath. It doesn’t only deodorize but also eases stiffness, fatigue and overworked muscles.


(Citrus / Middle notes)
As the name indicates, it has a lemon-like bright and uplifting scent. The most notable property is its deodorant effect. With the eucalyptus oil being added, its absolutely clean scent effectively deodorizes a room filled with tobacco smoke and foul smell of pet animals. It can also tighten pores, control oil, helping with oily skin and acne.


(Citrus / top note)
Lemon, a source of vitamin C, tones the skin and helps to balance oily skin. Highly antiseptic and astringent. Works wonderfully against acne and pigmentation of the skin.


(Citrus / top note)
Clean and bright scent with a faint tanginess. Balancing and sedative. Good for workplaces and studies where you need to concentrate your mind.


(Citrus / top note)
Of all citrus essential oils, grapefruit is especially refreshing and uplifting. A superb deodorant due to its antiseptic property. Also found useful in treating obesity as it stimulate the secretion of a hormone that speeds up fat burn.


(Floral / base note – base note)
YLANG YLANG, known as the flower of flowers. Unique for having both the exotic and sweet, floral fragrance.A recommended bedroom fragrance or for aroma bath due to its relaxing effect, helpful for anxiety.


(Floral / top note)
Classic floral and clean scent. Lavender is the most popularly used oil for aromatherapy. It is even called a ”cure-all oil” due to its wide variety of uses and superior properties. Good for small children due to its gentle effect.


(Floral / Middle notes)
This is an essential oil of balance and harmony. Its oil control property helps with both dry and oily skin as well as dull complexion. Good for all skin types. Also recommended for women during menopause or premenstrual time as it helps with hormonal balance. Its uplifting and mind balancing properties eases depression and anxiety.


(Herbal / Middle notes)
It is known under the name (meaning white tree) Kayuputi in Bali. As well as eucalyptus and tea tree, it has been used as a panacea since ancient times, being especially effective for the prevention of infectious diseases and early symptoms of the common cold.
Effective for: anti-aging immunodeficiency, skin, edema, anthelmintic action, antipyretic, anti-rheumatic effect, disinfectant, analgesic effect, perspiration


(Herbal / top note)
Piercing, pungent and cool. The refreshing scent of menthol also helps with digestion


(Herbal / top note)
Sweet and stimulating. Called an oil of rejuvenation due to its cell activating and antioxidant effects. Its astringent property relieves swelling and slacking when massaged into the skin (diluted with a carrier oil)


(Woody system / base note)
The deep and smoky scent known as the “essential oil of silence” due to its sedative effect. It is used as a base mixture for perfumes as it accentuates other fragrances.
Effective for: relaxation tonic, anti-neuropathy action, aphrodisiac effect, disinfectant, sedative, sedative effect, of tension, there is,,, anti-inflammatory effects on insomnia, effect to Himewa the itch and acne, such as rough skin I There is.


(Woody system / base note)
An exotic and sensual scent extracted from the ‘holy flower’ essential in religious ceremonies in Bali. It is said to have antidepressant, calming and seductive effects suitable for skin care.


(Woody system / top note)
Cool and clean scent. Like lavender, tea tree is one of the most popular oils used in aromatherapy. Because of its excellent fungicidal and antiseptic effect, tea tree is dubbed an “emergency oil,” believed to enhance the body’s immunity. Makes a superb deodorant when combined with lemon oil.


(Woody system / top note)
The powerful antiseptic and disinfectant effects have made eucalyptus oil a “cure-all medicine.” The aboriginal people of Australia have used it for centuries to treat infectious diseases and epidemics. Makes an excellent deodorizer and disinfectant for household as well. Effective against ticks.


(Woody system / top note)
This is an oil of beauty. Prevents wrinkles and slacking as it promotes cell growth. It is also oil controlling and moisturizing, helping with troubles of both oily and dry skin. An effective insect repellant long used

Uses of Essential Oil

Basic Aroma
Spread the fragrance of an essential oil by pouring a drop of it in an aroma pot with some water and heat it up with a candle or by pouring a drop into a cup of warm water. 6 to 8 drops in the bath for an aroma bath (more effective with triple nuts oil or bath salt), or a drop on the handkerchief to enjoy the scent everywhere you go! (Please not that it may stain your handkerchief)
Organic House Keeping
It is said that the smell of synthetic chemicals cause depression. Nonetheless, it is preferable to stay away from the invisible harms of synthetic chemicals; especially in families with small children who are likely to take in more of the poisonous substances. Be organic – live your everyday lives surrounded by natural products. Add 20 to 30 drops of essential oil in 500ml of water for a room-refresher spray! Drop a few into rubbish bins and drainage to eliminate the odor, mop the floor with essential oil-added-water to sterilize and keep away insects, and for sterilization of laundry.
Add 20 to 30 drops of essential oil in 500ml of water for a room-refresher spray! Drop a few into rubbish bins and drainage to eliminate the odor, mop the floor with essential oil-added-water to sterilize and keep away insects, and for sterilization of laundry.
Skin Care
Massage oil of its own, hair oil, bath oil, and body oils diluted in a ratio of 0.5% to 1% in a carrier oil. Also perfume oil in 10-15 drops of essential oil in a carrier oil of 15ml!
It is said aromatherapy scented little by little by body temperature, and than the use of the most effective essential oils. This is because you can not only smell, to incorporate the active ingredient from the skin actually.  Please refrain from use of to place sensitive skin.  This is because you can not only smell, to incorporate the active ingredient from the skin actually. Please use choose a valid essential oil by the state of your skin.
Sleep promotion
It is possible to get into a deep sleep you sleep by dripping a drop of your favorite essential oil around the lavender that is relaxing to the bedside.  In addition to sleep by placing a towel dripping one drop essential oil to the bedside nearby is also an effective way. Much smell faintly the best.  It may cause headache strong smell even the natural. Please be careful.  Sleep vitality to tomorrow. Let’s sleep firmly.


Do not apply undiluted essential oils directly to the skin.
In case it gets in the eye, rise with a large aomount of running water and immediately consult with a physician.
Avoid using essential oils during pregnancy.
For those with high blood pressure, avoid using peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils, as they are known to have a hypertensive effect.
For children under three years old, use only to scent bathing water and not for massage wherein the oil comes directly in contact with the skin.
As citurs oils are photosensitive, avoid exposing skin to direct sunlight after applying.
It amy caouse reddening and darkening of the skin. keep all essential oils away from the reach of children, as they can be harmful if ingested in large amounts or applying improperty to the skin.
Close the lid tightly after each use and shore in a cool place away from direct sunlight. As the quality of oils starts deteriorating after opening, use them up within half a year for citrus oils and within one year for others. Pachouli, however, is believed to improve in the quality and fragrance with the length of time.


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