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“Inti” is an Indonesian word meaning essence, purity and precious.
Inti Bali suggests a natural life style considering the effects to the future generation, removing all unhealthy and environmentally harmful products and replacing them with products filled with the nature’s blessings. We use 100% natural ingredients from all over the world to create our 100% natural, eco friendly products such as natural soaps, body oil and aroma oil, essential oils, moisturizing cream and perfume, following our motto – “environmental conservation = healthy lifestyle = beauty”.

The foundation of Inti Bali
Triggered by our daughter’s skin problems

Inti BaliWhen we first moved to Bali in year 2000, our daughter was still three years old. Medical facilities and education seemed far less developed back then, and it is true that we were a little worried for our daughter’s future. When our daughter turned five, she felt itch in her scalp and often scratched it until it bled and got infected. The dermatologist told us that it must be some sort of food allergies, but that he could not check up on her until the wounds on her scalp healed. The dermatologist gave her antibiotics and cream to heal her wounds, but it only resulted in a damaged stomach, which was apparent from the smell of her breath.


The condition went on for a few months when we finally decided to quit the antibiotics and cleanse her body by restricting her diet. My wife, who originally majored in environmental science, thought of the affects that the environmentally harmful substances might be causing to the human body. Since this day, we started consuming red rice instead of white, brown sugar instead of white sugar, avoided seafood and meat, and completely ditched ketchups and other artificial seasonings. All the seasonings and spices we use are 100% natural. We soon stopped the use of shampoo, soap, and toothpaste that had synthetic chemicals as the main component. In this way, we completely changed the living environment to a natural lifestyle.


After a few days, our daughter stopped scratching her scalp. After a month, the wounds completely disappeared along with the itchy feeling, and never again did she feel it. This was the start of the natural lifestyle that Inti Bali suggests – an environment where environmentally harmful and unhealthy products are removed as much as possible. This is how we started producing hand made soaps, cosmetics and aroma oils from 100% natural ingredients carefully selected from all over the world-ingredients that are naturally degradable and harmless to the environment.

In addition to that, we restrict our manufacturing process to make sure that no harm is done to the environment. €˜Environmental conservation = healthy lifestyle = beauty €“ Inti Bali, for the future generation.’


Inti Bali until now
2003: The foundation of Inti Bali
2004: Opening of Inti Bali Gane Salon in Sanur
2005: Inti Bali Jakarta store opens
2008: Online shop opens – Inti Style
2010: Relocation of Inti Bali.. (Gane salon closes due to relocation)
2012: Inti Bali gets introduced on Kansai TV in Japan
2013: Inti Bali store in Kemangi restaurant Bali


In recognition of Inti Bali’s brand policy and it’s high quality, the products are now used at the spa in Ayana Resorts & Spa, Spa on the rock, as a special limited edition package for 4 people a day.The treatment menu using our Pearl&Silk oil:Diamond Miracle
– Inti Bali is also sold at the famous shopping malls in the world, Isetan Japan.
– Sisters, Karen and Noeru KIRISHIMA, a Japanese model known to be nature-oriented has also visited and contacted us to hear more about our policy. (Yes, What I’m saying is that Inti Bali is such an interesting brand even to a beautiful model her :p)

Customer comments

I do not know how long it’s been since we started using Inti Bali products,but our two daughters that were born during the time are ‘raised with Inti Bali’. We literally use Inti Bali products everyday from the top of our head to the tip of our toes! The natural soaps in Inti Bali are rich in foam and are all very refreshing – they are our favorite! Recently, even my husband has been very excited over choosing which soap to use next.
When we occasionally go travelling and use other soaps and shampoos, the sliminess seems harder to wash off…So now we make sure we bring Inti Bali soaps where ever we go. I feel great peace from the Inti Bali fragrance that flows from our daughters’ hairs after putting them to sleep. We all also use the Inti Bali baby lotion after showers and after we wash our faces. It really moisturizes my skin and is very comfortable to use! Our whole family uses Inti Bali products very addictively with full confidence, as the components are all natural.
I have always been into natural products but I used to choose shampoos and soaps just from their smells, without knowing the actual components in them. Advertisements with words like “Healthy” or “beauty” were killers. However, since knowing Inti Bali and the real natural products,I feel like our whole life style – the way we see things, the things we apply on our skin,the food we consume – has changed.
There are lots of information on magazines and on the internet,but I am able to make judgments on what is real and what is not by thinking of the Inti Bali’s brand concept as a standard. Although I do not know what we would’ve been like if we didn’t change our lifestyles, I really think that our whole family has been living healthily and happily because we met Inti Bali.
As a mother, I am looking forward to the day my two daughters understand the way we value certain things, and I know that our family will keep using Inti Bali products.

Inti Bali brand policy
24hours a day, 365days a year – the equal amount of time given to everyone.. To live this given time to the fullest and to enjoy life to it’s most, I feel that it is essential to have a determined self-formation, healthy mind and body, knowledge and intelligence, and to be blessed with a good partner and friends. All of these factors are greatly affected by your ‘choices’. And of course, as we all have the responsibility to nurture the future generations, we have to think of how our ‘choices’ will affect them. We present our belief that we have obtained from our own choices, practice, and experience into the Inti Bali brand policy, which we offer to you as an option for your ‘choice’.
Inti Bali representative
Kaoru Okayanagi


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